Between 1358 and 1808 Dubrovnik was a small city republic called Ragusa, existing among its strong rivaling neighbors – the Venetian republic that controlled the Croatian coast and islands at that time, and the extremely powerful Ottoman Empire from the continent. The small city state Ragusa developed into a powerful maritime state, basing its wealth and prosperity on shipbuilding and trade. Its merchant fleet Argosy was so famous that even Shakespeare wrote about it in “The Taming of the Shrew“ and “The Merchant from Venice“.

Walking the streets of the Old Town today, protected by the UNESCO as World΄s Cultural Heritage since 1979, you will feel that every corner, every building, and every stone is telling a little piece of this amazing story, creating such a unique ambiance that will put this city among your favorite ones. Dear traveler, enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik, or as G.B. Shaw puts it, in „paradise on earth“.


LOCAL TIME: The local standard time zone in Dubrovnik is CET (GMT + 1 hour).

ELECTRICITY: The normal electricity supply is 220 volts/ 50 Hz.

SMOKING: In Croatia smoking is restricted in all public places, including restaurants and coffee shops.

WATER: Tap water is potable in all parts of Croatia.

CALL 112 for all emergencies ( medical assistance, fire fighters, police, Mountain Rescue Service, ecc.)



Ul. Iva Dulčića 34, Babin kuk, Dubrovnik

+385 52 465 000



Valamar Lacroma is located on the tranquil Babin Kuk peninsula, so getting around Dubrovnik by bus is the recommended method of transportation.


Local bus lines 6 connects Babin Kuk and Old City. They usually run from 5.00 to midnight or 1.00.


The fare is 15 Kuna if you buy from the driver upon entering the bus, but a good tip is to buy them before from a kiosk or another selling office because pre-purchased tickets are cheaper (12 Kuna). Tickets are usually also available at some travel agencies, from reception desks of most hotels.


Upon boarding the bus you need to validate the ticket by inserting it into a validating machine, most bus drivers will assist you in a case of validation problems.


Taxi–phone number is 0800 1441. Approx. price from Valamar Lacroma Resort to Old City is 15 €.


TIC (Touristic information center) – is located at Stradun (the main street in the Old City) by the Big Onofrio’s fountain. Address: 21 Placa – Stradun, Dubrovnik.



Major credit cards (VISA, American Express, Diners and Eurocard/Master Card) are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants in Dubrovnik. It is advisable to carry an identity card or some form of photo identification at all times. 

The Croatian Kuna (HRK) is the official currency of Croatia. Current exchange rate 1 € = 7,45 HRK (as on September 1, 2018).

Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, camps, marinas; cheques can be cashed in banks.

It is not common to bargain while shopping, most of the rates are fixed.